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Big update of our investment program - Dec 22, 2022 04:10

Dear partners!

Adhering to the latest methods of business planning and marketing, we have developed a major update to our investment program, namely, four new investment plans at once:

"Cumulative light",

"Cumulative basic",

"Cumulative Extended",

"Cumulative Premium".

Together with Crocus' investment plans already in place, they are designed to ensure the high availability and performance of the Company's solutions and to exceed the expectations of our partners many times over.

We note the main features of the new plans:

Profitability: from 10% to 14% per month

Term: 3 years

Minimum deposit: 100$/$1000/$2000/$5000

Maximum deposit: unlimited

Withdrawals: after 3 years

Deposit returned after 3 year

Interest is calculated monthly, followed by automatic reinvestment according to the plan you choose. Early withdrawal is prohibited.

The updated investment program is by far not the only goal set and achieved in recent times. Things are going well, the company is growing, and we hope that by continuing to develop, we will continue to please you!