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Our common success is great! - Nov 24, 2022 08:00

Respectable partners!

Our joint efforts led us to a logical victory: having steadfastly overcome all the difficulties of the initial stage of development of our common brainchild, TO "Tamyr" launched the production of the first animated series "The Adventures of Mobika and Notel" in the history of domestic animation without attracting public funds. This is simply an amazing result of painstaking joint work, constant daily interaction, as well as the active participation of our partners and faith in our common cause.

Our common success is great!

And we want to thank all our investors and accomplices of such a significant event not only in word but also in deed. The partnership between Crocus Company and TO "Tamyr" is rapidly developing and opens up attractive horizons for all of us, thanks in large part to you. And together with TO "Tamyr" we announce the distribution of unexpected and amazing prizes to the three most active partners in the celebration of the first anniversary of our successful cooperation in June 2023. In addition, we provided incentive prizes for ten active partners who did not reach the top three. You have more than six months to actively develop your partnership with us, go for it!