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Can I start working with CROCUS as an investor?

Before you begin working with us, please read the Agreement of the Parties and if you accept it, you must register on our website and create an account in the CROCUS system.

Is it possible to join CROCUS if I am under 18 years old?

You can earn money in CROCUS if you are over the age of majority in your country of residence.

Is it possible to create more than one account from one computer for all members of my family?

You can create only 1 account from one computer. If you create more than one account, CROCUS has the right to block them with further penalties.

Do I need to enter any personal information in my account on your site?

You don’t need to enter any personal data. All you need to do is to enter the number of the wallet, where your funds will be withdrawn from your balance in your personal CROCUS account.


How much income can I get with CROCUS?

Our investment plans are presented on the Investors page of the CROCUS website. Your income depends only on the amount you have invested and the number of affiliate partners you have attracted.

How do I earn on CROCUS investment plans?

The CROCUS Company has a floating earning system with a guaranteed annual return. 

You can read more on our Investors page. Please note that you can create any number of investment plans at the same time.

What payment systems can I use to fund my CROCUS account?

Now you can fund your account using various payment systems such as Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, Tether ERC20, TetherTRC20, etc. You can find more information about all payment systems in your personal account.

How often will I receive interest on my CROCUS deposits?

Interest is paid according to the conditions of the investment offer. But not earlier than 24 hours after opening a deposit in the system.

Are there any limits on the investment amount in CROCUS?

The minimum amount of investment in our company is 100 USD.

The maximum amount of investment in our company is 9999 USD.

Partners Program

How do I earn money with CROCUS?

There are several ways for users to earn: by opening a deposit on a chosen investment plan, by receiving affiliate commissions from attracting new partners, and by participating in one or more programs.

In this case we have a multi-level affiliate program. You can also find programs such as: “Office Program”, “Bount Program” and others.

Can I earn in CROCUS without my own deposit?

Yes, there is no need to have your own deposit to start referring new affiliates.


How long does it take to withdraw the profit to my wallet?

It takes 3-5 business days from the time of ordering the payment.

How do I withdraw funds from my personal wallet?

At first carefully check your account wallet, which you want to withdraw money from, it must be registered in your account. If you do not register a wallet you have to do it in the section “Payment details” in your account. After that, you can order a payment through an automated payment system CROCUS.

What payment system can I use to withdraw my profit? Can I choose one?

You can use only that payment system which you used for making a deposit.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount? Are there any limits on number of withdrawals or sums per day?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $1. There are no limits on the maximum withdrawal amount, as well as on the number of withdrawal operations per day.

Client support

I can’t log in to CROCUS, what should I do?

Make sure your information is correct. If everything is OK but registration is still not successful, please contact CROCUS online support.

I can’t remember my password. How do I recover it?

Simply use the “Forgotten your password?” link on the log in page.

I did not find an answer to my question here. What should I do?

You can contact us through CROCUS online support. Please find the best channel for your message.