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We are launching a new, long-term cooperation with the Creative Association "Tamyr" - a promising and incredibly creative partner.

The beginning of cooperation with the studio means a new stage both in its development and in the history of our company. The association "Tamyr" already has several well-known animated collections, such as "Erkeler", "Soz kazynasy" and others.

But for further development, the multipliers needed a strategic investor, which our company became. We have already developed a long-term development strategy and have attracted foreign consultants for competently building plans for international promotion. Given the creative talent of the partner, as well as relying on our technological capabilities and resources, we are also confident in the huge export potential of Tamyr's products.

Especially for investments in the activities of the Creative Association "Tamyr" we have developed an investment plan. It should be noted that through our platform you directly invest in Tamyr, our company in this case acts only as a reliable friend and active intermediary.