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About us


Revolutionary changes are now taking place in all areas, the concept of geographical boundaries is constantly blurred. A well-thought-out strategic vision helps set long-term directions and clearly define intentions in any business area.
The main direction of CROCUS is the development, as well as increasing the volume and number of existing mining farms that are operating at full capacity.
And in this activity we have significantly succeeded, because the main philosophy of the company is the belief in progress and innovation. We understand that we live in a unique time when our knowledge and services can change not only our lives, but also the lives of millions of people.

Different cryptocurrencies use different hardware. In particular, a few years ago, video cards were mainly used to "mine" bitcoin, then they were replaced by specially designed processors (ASICs). At the same time, mining of some cryptocurrencies, for example, the second most popular Ethereum, is still most effective when using high-performance graphics cards.
Our equipment is engaged in the "mining" of Ethereum using high-performance graphics cards.
But the philosophy of our company is built in such a way that, having received excellent results in one direction, we immediately focus and storm the next. We clearly imagine the future of our company, we have a given vector and a clear strategy for activity and development, and right now we are ready to provide an opportunity to generate income for everyone!

If you are planning to become the owner of a mining farm, then we are ready to provide comprehensive support and assistance in organizing a turnkey farm from a wide range of accessories with impeccable quality and at competitive prices from our partners. Moreover, having the opportunity to purchase wholesale lots of high-quality equipment directly from the manufacturer, we have an undoubted competitive advantage in terms of the profitability of our offers, we work comprehensively and provide warranty and post-warranty service for all equipment sold by us.

The company also has a network with free computing power of 5 gigahashes or 5 thousand hashrates, which it rents out. Hashrate is a unit of computing power over a period of time. The hashrate is also called the total computing power of the blockchain network. Typically, hashrate is measured in hashes per second (H/s). The higher the indicator, the more productive the video card and the greater the profit. The partners of the company have the opportunity to rent starting from 100 hashrates.

Creating our own network of mining hotels equipped with powerful electrical substations, industrial air conditioning systems and, of course, favorable rental conditions is the next, no less ambitious goal of our company. We deal honestly with customers, partners and competitors, promote free and fair competition, and conduct our business with integrity and transparency.
Starting your cooperation with CROCUS today, you are building the foundation of your financial independence tomorrow!


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02 DEPOSIT Top up your account balance using any of the available cryptocurrency payment systems, and then open a deposit using any plan.
03 PROFIT CALCULATION The first profit will be available within 24 hours from the moment the deposit is made.
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Road map
MARCH 2022 Launch of the CROCUS
investment program
MAY 2022 Opening of a wholesale direction
for the sale of mining equipment
JULY 2022 Implementation of the
"Automotive program"
SEPTEMBER 2022 Implementation of the
"Apartment Program"
NOVEMBER 2022 Launch of the
first mining hotel
JANUARY 2023 Publication of the
annual report and
launch of its own token