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Crocus gives the best conditions for investing in Technologies!

The main direction of CROCUS is the development, as well as increasing the volume and number of existing mining farms that are operating at full capacity.
And in this activity we have significantly succeeded, because the main philosophy of the company is the belief in progress and innovation. We understand that we live in a unique time when our knowledge and services can change not only our lives, but also the lives of millions of people.

Different cryptocurrencies use different hardware. In particular, a few years ago, video cards were mainly used to "mine" bitcoin, then they were replaced by specially designed processors (ASICs). At the same time, mining of some cryptocurrencies, for example, the second most popular Ethereum, is still most effective when using high-performance graphics cards.
Our equipment is engaged in the "mining" of Ethereum using high-performance graphics cards.

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TRANSPARENCY Honest and accountable activities of the company
TECHNOLOGY We are always at the peak of technological progress
SECURITY Advanced technologies for protection against external threats
INCENTIVE A range of great incentive programs
AUTOMATION Fully automatic investment platform
SUPPORT 24/7 online support
BONUSES Great bonuses for the most active partners
OWN OFFICE Opportunity to open a representative office in your city


01 STABLE INTEREST. Regardless of market conditions, you always get a stable percentage of profit.
02 PROTECTED TRANSACTIONS. Our company is legal, has all registration documents and insures all transactions concluded with its investors
03 RELIABILITY. We build stable and strong relationships with our partners.
tariff plans

We offer unique business plans:

Mining-plan from 0.4% to 0.55% daily, for 365 days Deposit is included in interest, guaranteed income for 365 days - From 46% to 100% Min.-Max. deposit: $100(10MH/s)-$999999
Early withdrawal of deposit is prohibited
Startup-plan "Tamyr" 11.66% monthly, for 180 days Deposit is not included in the interest, guaranteed income for 180 days - 70% Min.-Max. deposit: $100-$999999
Early withdrawal of deposit is prohibited
Interest calculation - monthly
Withdrawals - once a month
Deposit returned after 6 month
Trader plan 4% per day, for 30 days The deposit is included in interest, guaranteed income for 30 days - 20% Min. - Max. deposit: 1000 $ - 20000 $
Early withdrawal of the deposit is prohibited
$100000 you can clarify individual conditions in our support write to support

Profit calculator

  • daily profit:
  • total profit:
Affiliate program 12%-4%-4%-4%-3%-3%-2.5%-2.5%-2%-2%-2%-1%-1%-1%-1%-1%-0.5%-0.5%-0.5%-0.5%

There are also excellent programs for you: "OFFICE PROGRAM" and "BOUNT PROGRAM"

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