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Puthiya Thiruppangal (2017) Tamil Movie - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

This seems to be a season of thrillers and suspense motion pictures both in Bollywood and Kollywood with the next movies lined up for release, Puthiya Thiruppangal which means New Turns in English is one such thriller drama in the queue. The movie is directed by Sharada Ramanathan with Nandha and Andrea Jeremiah in the lead roles both of who have previously worked with suspense and thrillers subjects in various languages and would prove to be the perfect choice for the roles in this movie titled Puthiya Thiruppangal. The subject of the movie is child trafficking and the lead roles revolve around the same.

The movie was titled initially as Thiruppangal which meant turns and later on the title was changed to Puthiya Thiruppangal which has actually added some flavours and expectations to the upcoming Kollywood flick. The leading lady Andrea Jeremiah plays the role of a vibrant Journalist possibly fighting against child trafficking with her pen. The main role is by a thirteen year old Darani who portrays the role of the child who is been trafficked and the story revolves around the same with Nandha and Andrea fighting for a noble cause. Owing to the nature of this crime this particular fact is increasing day by day as children are being sold or exchanged in some form or the other making it more difficult for us to track and recognise the crime. Due to this the rate at which the issues are handled is declining with seemingly increase in the crime rate. This is going to be watch on screen where the full movie travels for every viewer questioning individual soul for what their contribution was in this regard and it surely will throw a light on the audience to stand up and question any form of injustice from child labour to child slave and save all our kids in the nation.

With such a sensitive subject the background is scored by Vidyasagar giving life to both the movie and the music. This full movie is both the thriller and an eye opener to one of the most unanswered social scenario of the day with a belief that with joined efforts of all its viewers will be answered someday. The movie aims at making every individual voice out to the issue and save at least one child in their whole lifetime and if and when it happens all the rescued children would sleep peacefully wrapped around their parents arms….

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