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It is only on the month of February that we celebrate life and love. Christmas is just around the corner and it is celebrated by most people in Marathi. Christmas is the season of LOVE, GIVING, and FORGIVING. So in time for this, a Marathi movieof love will be shown two days from now – primarily on December 15, 2017.

The movie title is “Rang He Premache Raneele”. It is a romantic drama that will touch our hearts and may give usthe different perspectives of love. It has four love stories portrayed by four amazing pairs, Shree and Bhakti, Maddy and Grisha, Prakash and Shabnam; and, Ajay and Samiksha. The four pairs are experienced actors and actresses. They come together to put more heart into the story line. They are all popular for their several appearances on television series, shows, plays, and movies.

So, what is it all about? It is about love from the different stages of life. It seems that in this movie, love has different meanings to different people of different ages and walks of life. It may not always have a happy ending, but, definitely, the experience of winning and losing in the arena of love would leave a permanent mark into one’s heart.

What addsmore color to the stories is the lineup of songs that may spark off mixed emotions. “Kale Na Kale Ka Prem” and"Rang Jate He" are the two touching songs that give more life to the entire film. This is actually Kiran Harchande’s big break. Like any other movies, it was well crafted to make it not just an ordinary love story.
So, bring your date and be ready to fall in love again.

Cast: Sara Shravan, Rohan Gujar, Reshma Shinde, Pankaj Khamkar, and Kunal Devalka

Producers: Amit Pradhan, Priyanka Patil, and Kiran Harchande

Composers: Bipin Janavalekar, Lomharsh Bhagat, Keval Walanj

Singers: Keval Walanj, Adarsh Shinde, Vishal Jagtap, Datta Mestri, Amruta Khodke Dahivelkar

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