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Manna Seth - Marathi Movie Full Movie [1080p HD quality] Download - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

A simple film in drama genre has been shown last December 8, 2017 in the movie theater near you.

Manna Seth is about a family manbestowed with a power to envision one’s future. Whatever he utters will be granted in an instant. He has the gift of tongue. People in their town found it hard to believe him at first. They thought he was just deceiving them or he was just using this gift to his own advantage.

It was a challenge for him, until he was able to prove his words. It happened when a woman selling brooms on the street were able to sell everything in a short span of time, after she was touched by him. His words became a reality. Ever since, things had started to change. He became popular in town. His family did not agree to what’s been going on around.

They thought he was just going crazy, so they brought him to a hypnotherapist. The storyline revolved around his life and there were some family drama happened along the way.

The lead roles were portrayed by Mahesh Muleyand Varsha Ashtekar. Their performances may not be that remarkable, but the whole story concept is worth watching. It depicts how people can easily pass on judgement and, at the same time, they have the tendency to rely on fortune telling. It is a low-budget film that focused more on the kind of culture that may exist in a town.

Hurry! Let us support Marathi film. Let us watch Manna Seth while it is still shown in cinemas near you.

Director: Jagdish Watharkar

Screenwriter: Mahesh Ramakant Mule

Story Writer: Mahesh Ramakant Mule

Dialogue Writer: Mahesh Ramakant Mule

Dialogue Writer: Jagdish Watharkar

Producer: Mahesh Ramakant Mule

Production Manager: Vilas Vapre

Background Score: Mahesh Naik

Director of Photography: Shankar Naidu

Re-recording Mixer: Chinmaya Parida

Editor: Deepak Kapoor

Art Director: Madhu Patil

Choreographer: Vishal Patil

Make-up: Sushil Yadaw

Visual Effects: Siddhant Pandey


Colourist: Deepak Kapoor

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