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Baban marathi movie hd torrent download - 4.2 out of 5 based on 10 reviews
Baban Marathi Movie

Life is a constant cycle of contrasting events. We can observe that there will always be a series of ups and downs, and of twists and turns. This is the kind of reality that will be depicted in the Marathi movie, “Baban”, in which, the title is also the name of the main character.

The latter did his best to achieve a prosperous life. He risked everything in his bold decision to convert his long-established business into a more sizable one hoping for a greater gain. That will, in turn, uplift his economic status. But this decision had led to the most challenging turn of event. Will he be able to successfully surpass all these? Let us find out as we watch the film on December 29, 2017.

What is even more interesting is the man behind this in the person of Bhaurao Nanasaheb Karhade, the movie director. He was a farmer before he ventured into film making. He strove hard to rise up to his level. He finished his degree in Communication Studies at the New Arts, Commerce, and Science College in Ahmednagar. It’s also where he met his biggest inspiration, Satyajit Ray.

It began when he got the chance to watch his film in Bengali language entitled,Pather Panchali. That inspired him to produce his own, so he did, and it became one of the top rated films in the year 2015. Its title is “Khwada”, where he won the Best Debut Director award. To be able to finance the said film,he sold his five acres farmland that was formerly owned by his family. He is truly inspiring that one can say that he has a strong determination. He will really do his best for his dreams to materialize. So we could expect a better, if not the same, result on this one. It is even more enhanced because of the choice of song, "Saaj Hyo Tuza”.

What’s more to look forward to in this movie? Let us find out as we visit the movie house on the official release date. See you all!

Movie :  Baban

Director: Bhaurao Nanasaheb Karhade

Producers: Vitthal Nanasaheb Karhade, Pramod Bhaskar Chaudhary,Bhausaheb Shahaji Shinde, Monali Sandip Phand

Story: Bhaurao Nanasaheb Karhade

Casts: Bhausaheb Shinde, Gayatri Jadhav, Shital Chavan, Devendra Gaikwad, ¥ashu W $urekha, Abhay Chavan, and Sima Samarth

Music: Harsshit Abhiraj and Onkarswaroop

Lyrics: Suhas Munde

Singer: Onkarswaroop

Cinematography: Ranjeet Mane

Editor: Pradeep Patole

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+3 # Pandu Chalak 2018-05-06 19:48
best marathi movie to watch
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I love this movie
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+1 # ajinkya 2018-05-30 12:17
awsome movie
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