Satarcha Salman (2018) Marathi Movie - 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 reviews
Satarcha Salman (2018) Marathi Movie

Hemant Dhome, a writer and director in Marathi film industry, will make a comeback early next year with his upcoming movie entitled,"Satarcha Salman". His passion for directing films sparked off even more after his debut movie,"Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar", was shown. February 2018 will be the target month for the release of the said film. The shooting of scenes is now on-going.

There is no mention as to who will be the group of actors involved in the portrayal of different roles, especially that of the lead character. The audiences will be left hanging with excitement and great curiosity because they have decided to keep it as a secret until the target period for promotion comes. This will be produced by Prakash Singhi with Suresh Pai as co-producer, under Texas Studio.

The said producer is from Nagpur. This is his debut production in Marathi Cinema. He spoke in one occasion that Marathi has a special spot in his heart because of a certain connection since birth. He told himself way back, “when he gets a chance to produce a film, he wants it to be in Marathi”, and he did.

Everything is obscured to keep the audiences’ enthusiasm. Amidst all the subtlety, one thing is for sure, that it is going to be a quality film, since Hemant Dhome has already made a connection to the viewers in his debut project wherein he played one of the actors.

Furthermore, the combined efforts of all the members of the team, from the director down to the casts and crews, have really put all their heart into this one. It will be another film that will leave a meaningful impact to us. So guys, keep on making that long list of movies to watch. I assure you that it will always be worth watching. Hard work and dedication have always been observed from these people in Marathi film industry.

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