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Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 (2018) Marathi Movie - 4.6 out of 5 based on 12 reviews
Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3 (2018) Marathi Movie

Mumbai Pune Mumbai Trilogy yes it is a trilogy! The second sequel of the romantic drama film is yet to be released on April 27, 2018. This is in response to the clamour of theireager fans. Once again, Satish Rajwade will direct Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3. He is the original director and writer of the previous films. The chemistry of the two lead characters, Swapnil Joshi (Gautam) and MuktaBarve (Gauri), has never fade. Everyone who was able to watch them together on screen has been longing to see them again in one film.

There is some kind of magic as they began exchanging dialogues and other non-verbal languages in their portrayal as a couple with strong personalities. As we all know, the two lead stars are among the prominent artists in Marathi film industry. Mukta Barve is popular not only for her appearances on films, but also in theatres and television shows.

She has won six awards in Maharashtra State Film Awards as Best Debut and the other five awards for Best Actress on different films and plays. On the other hand, Swapnil Joshi is a known actor both in Marathi and Hindi. He also has his own radio program entitled The Swapnil Joshi Show. With these stunning achievements, I believe that they are both effective in whatever roles they play in the movies. Their experimental team up has really reached that far since Marathi film industry was able to come up with a trilogy.

If the first of the trilogy (released on June 11, 2010) had focused on how fate worked for them to meet in the most unexpected time and place; And the second one (released on November 12, 2015) had focused on the next chapter of their relationship “marriage and the girls doubt regarding their decision; The third one is yet to be revealed. They are still working on some details, but definitely, one of the highlights will be the marriage itself.

An official poster as a teaser waslaunched in social media like the Instagram. It seems to project a trendy and up-to-date look of the lead characters. It creates an impression that it may still be appealing to the youth. In the previous films, Mumbai Pune Mumbai and Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2, they have captured the heart of both the young and the not-so-young audiences. Their team up seemed to leave a lasting impact to peoples mind and triggered their romantic nature.

Director: Satish Rajwade

Producer: Sanjay Chhabria

Associate Producer: Amit Bhanushali

Casts:Swapnil Joshi and MuktaBarve (lead roles)

4.625 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 4.63 (12 Votes)

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