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Lagna Mubarak (2018) Marathi Full [700p hd print ] Movie download - 4.3 out of 5 based on 10 reviews
Lagna Mubarak (2018) Marathi Movie

Marathi cinema has been known for having a pool of great talents, from the directors down to the casts and crews. There is always this period of exploration among artists, because some directors would venture into becoming producers, actors, or writers, and vice versa. In this movie entitled "Lagna Mubarak" a talented director of the movies like Guru and Ye Re Ye Re Paisa will play as one of the lead characters and he is no other than, Sanjay Jadhav.

He turned into a noble elderly Muslim woman in the said film. We can expect a different Sanjay Jadhav here. It is a proof of how professional he is in his crafts. Moreover, a bunch of familiar faces with great talents are also involved in this movie and these are Prarthana Behere, Sanskruti Balgude, and Sidhhant Mule.

A newbie in the person of Shilpa Desai is also sharing her talent on this. She has recently joined Marathi Entertainment industry without any experience in acting and in doing films. It was her passion and her goal to develop herself that led her into this new endeavour. Her brave decision to join the pool made her one of the most glamorous actresses in Marathi.

On the other hand, the said film is a drama genre. It is a love story between two young people who have gone through a series of ups and downs that tested their relationship. In their colourful journey together, they both found their ultimate companion and perpetual love. There are a lot of twists and turns that has added essence to the storyline.

It tries to prove that Love has no boundaries. Is this statement true? Well, in the film maybe. Let us see how they attest to that to convince the viewers. Let us see how the director, Sagar Pathak, interpreted and presented the concept love in this unique story. I believe that a lot of people will be curious on this. There may be a lot of drama love story done in the past, but let us discover how it differs among others.

This will be shown on the 19th of January 2018. It will be great to add this on your list of films to be watched in the coming year.

Director: Sagar Pathak

Producers: Abhay Pathak and Gauri Pathak

Studio: Aarav Production, Pathak Productions

Casts: Sanjay Padhav, Prarthana Behere, Sanskruti Balgude, Sdhhant Mule

Writers: Sagar Pathak and Akshay Kardak

Editor: Guru Patil

Lyrics: Akshay Kardak

Choreographer: Umesh Jadhav

Lagna Mubarak (2018) — Marathi Full Movie Download 700MB

Movie Type: Drama
Duration:  1 hrs 52 mins
Movie Quality: 720p DVDRip
File Size: 700MB

Subtitle Download: Not Available

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