Loose Control | लूज कंट्रोल (2018) Marathi Movie - 5.0 out of 5 based on 10 reviews
Loose Control | लूज कंट्रोल (2018) Marathi Movie

Looose Control a movie that is set to be released on January 12, 2018 on cinemas, can be another breakthrough for the director, Ajay Singh.As we all know, the latter is a renowned writer and director of a multi-awarded web series entitled, "I Don't Watch TV on 2016". He is not someone who settles for one aspect only. He is a versatile film maker working simultaneously on Advertising, Media, and Entertainment Industries. In fact, he does not only serve as the director of this, but a screenplay writer as well.

The title of the film itself implies something about deviation from the norms in every sense of the words. Moreover, it is about the story of three people who are supposed to be having the best time of their lives, but as they go on with their journey, they become unruly. As a result, the best becomes the worst ever. These behaviours have led to a bad consequence.

One ends up behind bars. How? Let us find out as we watch it. This is really a typical story of an adolescent who, at some point, felt limited. When opportunity came, his high impulse ruled and satisfied his curiosity even at the point of compromising his own worth and his bright future ahead. A chaotic life with lotsof adventuresand drama were presented in a most animated way.

It is a comedy genre that makes the whole story lighter, but it leaves more lessons in life especially for the younger audiences. Watching the full video of the teaser would give us a glimpse of what it is all about. Furthermore, the characters are all amazing in the persons of Madhura Naik, Akshay Mhatre, and Manmeet Pern. They are placed on prominent roles to give justice to the story concept and personalities.

This is another movie to watch out for in our favourite cinemas. Let us all have fun and learn at the same time.

Director: Ajay Singh

Producers: Ajit Satam, Riyaz Inamdar, Iignesh Patel, Saqib Shaikh, and Mihir Bhatt


Madhura Naik (Komal)

AkshayMhatre (Amol)

Manmeet Pern (Jaggu)

Shashikant Kerkar (Pinak)

Kushal Badrike

Shashank Shende

Bhalchandra Kadam

Aarti Solanki

Bunty Chopra

Namrata Awate

Prajakta Hanamghar

Ajay Purkar

Pooja Kasekar

Inspector Chafe as Umesh Jagatap

Pravin Khandawe

Story/Written by: Ajay Singh

Dialogues: Priyadarshan Jadhav and Chaitanya Sardeshpande

Cinematographer: Murzi Pagdiwala

Lyrics: Vaibhav Deshmukh and Sujay Jadhav

Music Directors: Mihir Bhatt and Rohit Nagbhide

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