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Conditions Apply (2017) Marathi Movie - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review
Conditions Apply (2017) Marathi Movie

Conditions Apply (2017) – is an upcoming Marathi family drama movie in 2017.  The concept of the movie is unique and the audience is waiting for this kind of movie always. New love concept, New relationships and attitude of hunman being is mixed in this movie. The movie is written by Sanjay Pawar, produced by Dr. Sandesh Mhatr, co-produced by Sachin Bhosale, Amol Dattaram Kakharka and edited by Nilesh Gawand.

Subhodh Bhave, Dipti Devi and Atul Parchure are in lead role. Subodh Bhave and Dipti Devi said about the movie, ‘The reflection of  current relationships situation will be seen from movie, and this will be unique’. Both are first time working in a movie.

Suboth Bhave and Dipti Devi playing a role of ‘Abhay’ and ‘Swara’. There are four different genere songs in this movie. Vishwajit Joshi’s song ‘Kahi Kalena’ is sung by younger singer Rohit Raut. Sangeeta Barve’s heartful song ‘Tuzach Bhas’ is sung by Farad Bhivandiwali and Sangeeta Barve. The song 'Mai To Hari' written by Jai Atre is sung by Farad Bhiwindiwala, Aanandi Joshi, and Vishwajit Joshi. It is written by Omkar Kulkarni, the rap song 'Mar Phatane' written by the rap singer, and has sung it by Anand Shinde and Gandhar Kadam.

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