Ringan (2017) Marathi Movie - 3.5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews
Ringan (2017) Marathi Movie

Ringan (2017) - is an upcoming Marathi language movie in 2017. The movie is produced by Makrand Mane, Vitthal Patil and others. Apart from this, the film has been highlighted on the basis of honesty, concentration, and struggles in difficult situations, how to fight against the difficult situation. The film stars Shashank Shende, Sahil Joshi, Suhas Shirsat, Umesh Jagtap, Ketan Pawar and others. Rohit Nagbhede has given the music to the film.

The Marathi movie 'Ringan' captures the attention of the audience. 'RINGAN' is a debut film written by writer-director Makrand Mane, and the love and affection of father-son is depicted in this movie. The farmland of a poor farmer get damage, it means their livelihood in in danger. In such a situation, farmer thinks of commit suicide, but for his lovely son, he shows the courage not to go to such a situation and his farm gives priority to other things to save the land.

The National flag was once again flooded by the national award. The movie 'Ringan', which has been battling father-lake struggles in Marathi films, has won the award for Best Picture.

This is the picture of the journey of father-leka traveling in search of happiness and affection. This film has won many awards. The 63rd National Award in the Best Marathi Film category has got its edge. In addition, the 53rd Maharashtra state level award won the Best Film, Best Direction, Best Debut (Director), Best Actor, Best Picture Director, Best Balakalkar for the prizes. In addition, Cannes, Stuttgart (German), London, Toronto have shown their differences in international film festivals.  Landmark Films and My Roll Motion Pictures presented movie 'Ringan' will be released on the 30th of June.

The trailer of the national – international award winning Marathi movie ‘Ringan’ has been released online.

After watching the trailer online we came to know that, In the search of mother, a struggle of farmer’s son with his father. The dream about this young child's mother, and dreams of managing this situation, is seen in the trailer of "Ringan".

Shashank Shende is playing a character of a farmer and child artist Sahil Joshi playing a role of son. Both Sahil and Shashank were come at the biggest Marathi comedy show ‘Chala Hava yeu Dya’ to promote the movie ‘Ringan’.

The pair of father and son go to Pangharpur to get a path from Vithai to search his mother. The picture shows that which kind of path the father and son get and what are th problems they have to face while walking on it.

In order to simplify the Vitai of Pandharpur, the couple's father joins Pandharpur. The picture shows the way the father-girl gets along with Mauli and shows the path to the problems they face while walking on it. We always expect a miracle when we are sad, there is a beautiful sentence in this trailer, ‘Miracle do not happen, we have to make miracle happen’. It will be noticed only after watching the movie, what is the definition of miracle, the sweet and emotional relationship of father-son.

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