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The award-wining Marathi film “Dashkriya” is under problem - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

The award-wining Marathi film “Dashkriya” is under problem. The film was set to release on Nov17 2017. After releasing the promo of the film, a right-wing organization demanding that this film should not release, and it should be banned.

The reason behind this ban is what they are telling the film portrays the Hindu religion in a bad light by saying that Brahmins and Hindu people who perform the last rites of bodies for their livelihood and they requested the commissioner that it should not release in theatre.

The film was based on a navel written by “Baba Bhand” and the film bags 11 awards awarded by Maharashtra government. During 64th National Awards for Marathi films it won three awards. A freedom to express should not attack any religion and castes said by the organization. Central Board of Film Certification already passed for releasing. The director of the film added that the film is not about caste or religion and further added that don’t judge a film by only seeing a promo just see the full movie if than decide maybe you have different opinion after watching but with watching don’t judge the film at the same time some of the organization supporting the film too.

Most of the part of movie was filmed in Gargoti village in Kolhapur. The protest the film is continuing in parts of the city and their objective is to ban the film and it should not release in the screen. But what the crew if the film feels is that there is nothing objectionable against the film. The film is not showing anything bad about a community. The film is dealing about how someone’s situation is taking into wrong. Let the film release and the people will watch the movie and I’m sure that the people will accept the movie they will not raise any objection for the movie and, he added almost I took five years to research about the story and making of the film haven’t hurt any sentiments of the religion. He feels that we got the appreciation after screening in some places and the film won national awards that’s a great appreciation we received but still these organization are wanting it to ban the film.

The multiplexes are in two minds whether to release to movie or not because of this issue for the film. According to the source the screening of the film in Pune is put on hold.

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