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Jai Malhar Marathi TV Serial : Zee Marathi - 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

Just like full length Marathi movie, Marathi TV serials are also a prominent source of entertainment through Marathi language. One could watch different genre Marathi serials on prominent Marathi TV channels like ZEE MARATHI and many more. Every Marathi language TV channel offers shows based on different backgrounds and different plots.

One of these famous Marathi serials is “Jai Malhar”. The name of this serial is derived from Marathi worship enchanting “Yelkot Yelkot Jai Malhar”. These enchanting are prayed for an avatar of Lord Shiva. This avatar is worshiped from the name of Lord Khandoba. He is also known as Malhar in various regions of Maharashtra.

The lead role of Lord Khandoba was played by prominent Marathi actor Devdatta Nage. As the incarnation of Lord Shiva, he protects his devotees from various hazards and blesses them with his love. He is seen as a god of love and a superhero for young generation. Lord Khandoba resides in Jejuri. Lakhs of people come every year to this pilgrimage and worship him. The role of Devi Parvati in this Marathi TV Serial is portrayed by Gauri sukhtankar. As an interesting fact, the name “Gauri” is a synonym for Godess parvati (wife of lord shiva). In this serial, she is often seen convincing Mhalsa Devi for different issues.

Other roles in this Marathi TV Serial include Bageshree Nimbalkar in parallel lead of Goddess Ganga Devi (Ganga River), Surabhi Hande as Goddess Mhalsa Devi, Lord Ganesha by Master Shanay Bhise, Isha Keshar as the Goddess Banai Devi and many more. Purva Neelima Shubhash, Nakul Ghanekar, Anirudhh Vinayak Joshi and Swapnil Rajshekhar are also in prominent supporting roles.

The serial got huge popularity amongst the devotees of Lord Khandoba. It is also aired in Tamil Language on Tamil TV Channel Zee Tamizh. The original release was aired on Zee Marathi from the year 2014 to 2017.

Online Marathi Free TV Serials are also getting popularity these days. That is why the producers of Jai Malhar decided to put it for free online watch Marathi TV Serial on various digital platforms too. You can watch Jai Malhar Episode online free on ZEE MARATHI channel of youtube.

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