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Marathi Movies National Film Award - 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

Any outstanding performer in any sector must be well awarded for his work in order to motivate him or her for more. The same could be said in relation with Marathi movie industry too. 

Recentlymany Marathi movie awards have been released to actors, actresses, directors and movies. These awards were given for their contribution in full length Marathi movie. It is quite important for entertainment industry to keep creating Marathi movies in order to keep the language alive. Films and movies play a significant role in promoting a language and culture in other regions of the world.

Directorate of Film Awards is responsible for awarding National Film Awards every year. The program is organized by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, India. They have a segment called National Film Awards for Best feature film in Marathi. The top movie in Marathi is awarded by this achievement every year. First movie to receive Silver Lotus (Rajat Kamal) award for Marathi language movie was feature film “Mahatma Phule”. The storyline was based on the life of a Maharashtrian social worker Jyotiba GovindRao Phule. It was released in 1954. National Film Awards also started from the same year and is continue till date on yearly basis with a few changes in rules every year.

National Film Awards for Marathi movies are also given to movies in other regional languages. These regional languages are Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada and Bengali. These awards are also given to Hindi full length movies. Each award consists of a certificate (Letter of Appreciation), Cash award (worth Rs 100,000) and a Rajat Kamal (Silver Lotus). It is known as President’s Silver Lotus.

Another prominent prize for Marathi movie awards is Maharashtra State Film Awards. The award ceremony was first instituted in 1963. These awards are offered from Maharashtra State Government to Marathi Language movies. The best movie in Marathi Language in a particular year gets the Maharashtra State Film Awards for that year. The award is given for many contributors in a movie. Such as for best Marathi Actor of the year, Best Marathi Actress, Best Marathi Singer (Male and Female) etc. Total more than 3 Dozen of awards are distributed in Marathi movie awards function.

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