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Malayalam hit Charlie starring Dulquer Salman , Paarvathi is now in Marathi which is titled as 'Deva- Ek Atrangee'. Movie is film is directed by Murali Nallappa and Ankush Chaudhari playing the title role.Tejaswini Pandit playing Tessa's character and produced by Innovative Films in association with Pyramid Films.

On Oct 27, 2017 teaser of movie released with aspresenting 'Deva Chi Maya' video teaser of 'Deva- Ek Atrangee'around 9k people's viewed the teaser in Innovative Films youtube channel so for the teaser got mixed reaction from the viewers.

The Movie is set to release on December 1st.  Teaser of 'Deva- Ek Atrangee' looks good and fresh.In malayalam movie became a super hit and it became a milestone in Dulquer caree.In malayalam 'Charlie' got 2 awards in Asia net Film Awards (2015) and 9 awards in Kerala State Film Awards (2016) total of 9 awardthese factsabout the Movie creating more curiosity about the movie.For Marathi Fan's it's going to be a different experience Let us see how it's going to do in Marathi. 

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