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Aarti - The Unknown Love Story (2017) Marathi Movie - 4.7 out of 5 based on 6 reviews
Aarti - The Unknown Love Story Marathi Movie

Aarti - The Unknown Love Story (2017) – is an Marathi movie directed, produced and written by Sarika Mene.

Marathi cinema is always known for its code. Due to the excellent code, many movies have become an eye-catching cause. ‘Aarti-The Unknown Love story’, which is presented by Sarah Creation and Minim Foundation, will also see the real love story of the human value. The definition of love is different for everyone. This movie has got a very touching edge of dedication with my love story. Actress Wahida Raheman has stood behind the movie to bring this unique love story to the world. This movie has been produced, written and directed by Sarika Meena. The film will be released on August 18.

On every turn of life, one's mind is sleeping on the hearts of infinite feelings of love, affection and affection. Sometimes life is at such a point that after you, there is a need for support standing firmly on the mind. The person and the grandson who understand us are very important in our life ... then whatever the relationship. Nowadays all the relationships that have changed in the equation, the realization of the true faith and rights of the person. On this backdrop, the unique story of love for Aarti and Sunny, who have made life for each other, will be seen in front of us from 'Aarti – The Unknown Love Story'.

There are six songs of different kind of genere in the film. The songs are written by Sujit Yadav and Tejas Ban and Prashant Santoshi and Sujit Tejas has given music. The song 'Parvati Nandna Morya Gajnaana' and 'Pavsali mani mazya petal kaahoor kai' are sung by Aadarsh Shinde and ‘Man Bavare’ song is sung by Hariharan and Deepali Sathe. Prashant Satose sung the songs ‘Nanhi si pari’ and Vitthala’  and Sujit Yadav has sung the song ‘Aamhi Jato’.

Roshan Vichare and Ankita Bhoir are in lead roles in this movie and other cast are Sapna Karande, Umesh Damle, Sujit Yadav, Tejas Bane, Meghali Juvekar, Pranjali Verma, Kanchan Pagare and child artist Sarah Mene and Anushka Patil. 

4.75 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 4.75 (6 Votes)

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