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Karan Johar has become a father of twins | Karan Johar child - 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 reviews
Karan Johar

A successful director, producer Karan Johar has become a single father of twins through surrogacy in last month. He has been blessed with a baby boy and baby girl named Yash and Roohi accordingly. In his autobiography "An Unsuitable Boy" Karan Johar has said about his wish to have a child through surrogacy or to adopt a child. Karan Johar has said he is mentally, physically and emotionally prepared to take care of his children. 

Johar is very happy to have his own children and thankful to the mother who has given birth to the children. He said, "

‘‘bhagavaan kee krpa se mere paas aisee maan hai jo meree bahut paravaah karatee hain aur mera saath detee hain. vah apane pote potee ke paalan poshan mein aham bhoomika nibhaengee. isake alaava mitr, jo ki mera parivaar hain, ve bhee bachchon ko paalane mein madad karenge.’’

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