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Daddy (2017) Hindi Movie | Arjun Rampal | Aishwarya Rajesh - 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews
Daddy (2017) Hindi Movie

Daddy (2017) – is Bollywood movie in 2017.  The audience always like the movies based on truth. We have watched the movies based on such a person. The movie ‘Daddy’ is based on the life of politician Arun Gawli and the film was recently announced in the Mumbai hotel in the Orchid Hotel. At this time, Asha Gawli, wife of leader Arun Gawli and their daughter Geeta Gavli were present. The highlight of this thriller movie is that of the famous actor Arjun Rampal and South Indian actress Aishwarya Rajesh are in lead roles.

There is a picture of biopic films in Bollywood, like lBhag Milkha Bhag’, Amir Khan’s ‘Danglal’, Sonam Kapoor’s ‘Neerja’ became a hit at the box office. A trillion trailer of ‘Daddy’ based on the life of Arun Gawli, all excited about it, has been released online.

Daddy is presented by Kundalini Entertainment and Karta Entertainment, produced by Pentagram Film Pvt Ltd and Sunil Mane Entertainment Pvt Ltd. Mandar Dalvi said about the movie, ‘, "We will create a large number of movies on different  subject this year and we will also pay special attention to the production of regional languages ​​movie like Hindi.’.

The movie is directed by Gaurav Bavdnakar, the director of 'Daddy', has been working as a filmmaker in the UK till now. Earlier, he has worked with many advertisements, documentary, music videos and corporate videos. At this time, director Gaurav Bavdnakar said, "For the past three years we have been doing research on this subject. The moment has come for us to be eagerly waiting for a long time." 

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