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Baadshaho (2017) Hindi Movie - 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 reviews
Baadshaho (2017) Hindi Movie

Baadshaho(2017)- is an upcoming Hindi movie. The story of the movie is taken from the time of Emergency during the prime minister Indira Gandhi’s tenure. Most of the 'king's emperors' were shot in the narrow streets of Jodhpur city. Some parts were filmed outside the city. For the shooting of this film, all these artists were going to Jodhpur several times in two months. In the absence of permission, the shooting of the film was stopped once in Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. The release date of this movie has been changed three times.

In the film industry, there is a discussion that Ajay Devgn's 'Badshaho' has been closed because the shooting of this film was due to start in February 2016, which has now been canceled. Film director Milan Lathuria believes that shooting of the film will no longer start from the appointed time, but they deny that the film has been closed.

It was earlier to be released on January 26. It was later extended to May 12, but now its release date has been fixed September 1, 2017. People of Jodhpur are awaiting the release of this film so that they can watch how their city has been shown in this film.

In the movie we can watch Ajay Devgan, Imran Hashmi and Milan Luthria are working together for the second time in 'Badshaho'. Earlier, all three have worked together in 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbai'. Apart from Ajay Devgan and Imran Hashmi, Ileana Dikruz is also in this film. Sunny Leone will make a special dancer in this movie. The film's dialogues are written by Rajat Arora.

The teaser of 'Badshaho' has been released online. that 6 Badmash, Ajay Devgan, Ileana Dikruz, Imran Hashmi, Isha Gupta, Vidyamik Jamwal and Sanjay Mishra are together trying to steal the government's gold treasure from one city to another. These people have 96 hours to steal this gold, but do they steal this gold, is this the story of this movie.

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