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Umeed (2017) Bollywood Hindi Movie - 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

Umeed is a yet to release Bollywood drama directed by Rajat Mukherjee with Freddy Daruwala in the lead. This is based on Drug abuse where the full movie revolves around the same and the way the lead deals with the same, fighting against the abuse of drugs. It is a completely medical centered picture revolving around a lawyer played by the lead star Freddy Daruwala. It is produced under the banners of SOIE and Welcome Friends. The film is announced to be an influence from many real incident and is all a compilation of a sequence of true events.

Here the hero plays the role of a “no-nonsense lawyer” fighting against the use and abuse of drugs in the entire movie. This is believed to be the first ever movie where a lawyer fights against and emphasizes the abuse of drugs and not a doctor in the role. The official announcements of the film were made in late 2016 and the film is all set to release this month.

Umeed- The Hope is a Science based action flick where the protagonist fights against drug abuse. The full movie is city based and the story moves fast with the fast paced screenplay. It is surely a power packed movie where the two faces are action and suspense. The background is expected to support the film well for the movie has less scope for songs and romance and the background music is the only life to the action picture on screen. The movie is believed to be a big message giver to the audience on the current and hot issue of the day, ‘drug abuse’. The message is really big and the way the director Sudam Waghmare carries the same throughout is the entire story that is all about. It is the way the story is carried and not the story itself that is going to bring the audience to the edge of their seats.

This is really a hope to the audience with belief of benefit from the movie as the director is all promising to deliver nothing but the best to the people parting away with their sweat for tickets and making their presence in the movie halls for they are worth spending millions for the movie to be shot and pictured on screen. This is not just an entertainment but the people who had lived and struggled through who will be pictured on screen. This is surely going to let you leave out with resolutions in mind for this is no ordinary movie!!! 

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