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The Window (2017) Hindi Bollywood Movie - 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

A yet another Bollywood flick releasing on 27th of this month is The Window directed by the vibrant V K Choudhry. The window is a mystery movie starring Amit Kumar Vashisth as Lekh, Teena Sing as Maya and Preeti Sharma as Ayesha. The story is set in the backdrop of city and is expected to be a mystery that unveils its way to the end. The story and crew is a set of teenagers and the expectations are high for all suspense lovers with the release date inching close.

The plot is set in a way where Lekh (Amit) plays the lead role and is a 31 year old hardworking film writer who is frustrated and unhappy with the way his life travels. At this juncture of time Lekh gets a chance when his henchman, Irfan gets him an assignment to write a remake script for a Telugu Blockbuster movie. Lekh with his passion in hands and hopes to set his lost track of life back, ventures to script out the movie. Although initially reluctant, Lekh finally decides to take up the project of scripting and eventually discovers himself hitting a writer’s block at the end. With already a tuff time, Lekh is distracted by a mysterious girl who is held in his apartment by his brother as a captive. Lekh later knows this and is determined to help the girl escape from his apartment and with the desire to get to know her, he trespasses into the dark world of hers.

The story spins around how he rescues the girl along with completing the assignment forms the crux of the story. This movie is sure a promising visual treat for all the mystery lovers. Ease on your chairs and watch the full movie online with suspense and thrill spinning in and out every second. The full movie is available for all viewers on 27th of this month expected to barge in the profit margins. Download the movie or watch online from anywhere to travel to the world of mystery and suspense right at your seat. Bring out the Sherlock Holmes in you and remain glued to your seats.

To all the Sherlock Holmes out there The Window is surely going to be a window to suspense thrillers bringing in a blend of suspense, romance and drama, all in a single screen. Book your seats and enjoy the movie to ease away your stress and tension!!!

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