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1921 (2017) Hindi Movie - 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 reviews

Director Vikram Bhatt is planning to bring a movie which will surpass all horror movie records ever. Talking about his upcoming movie “1921” he said that he want audience to feel the characters. Zarine Khan and Karan Kundra will play lead roles in upcoming bollywood horror movie. The movie is being produced under ASA Productions of Vikram Bhatt. It is not the first time when Bhatt is bringing a movie in horror genre. He has directed movies like “Raaz”, “Haunted” and “1920” which were based on similar concepts. “Raaz” is a milestone full length bollywood horror movie in Mumbai film industry.

Zarine and Karan, both are well settled name in feature film industry. They have not worked together in any movie earlier. Just like the previous movie in this franchisee, “1921” will also have a romantic connection between both the lead roles of Zarine Khan and Karan Kundra. The earlier movie in this franchisee was “1920” and scored good at box office. Vikram bhatt wants to make the audience feel scared and protective towards lead roles. That is a major factor why he picturised a strong emotional relationship between their roles.

The movie is all set to release on 12th January 2018. It will be an adjacent to upcoming festival season of “Sakranti” and “Lohri”. The movie is shot in United Kingdom and the story line is also based on similar grounds. The story is based on lead role’s dark past. It is when the past starts haunting present and the roles fight for their lives and safe future. The constant battle between life and death brings many twists and takes on the plot for “1921” full movie.

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